Announcing Compatibility with Android Auto – Apple CarPlay- Chromecast

Santa Cruz, May 16, 2017 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Nobex Partners announces its latest features: compatibility with Android Auto™, Apple CarPlay™, and Chromecast™.

Nobex Partners apps’ latest feature taps into commuter listeners with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Commuters spend 87 minutes a day listening to audio in their cars ( Edison Research, Cracking the Commuter Code). Nobex Partners apps are providing the safest way to keep them connected and tuned in through the app with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay optimized display. This feature will be available to all stations with paid Pro plans.

Apple CarPlay Screen.png

Nobex is also announcing compatibility with Chromecast for home entertainment systems. Nobex Partners makes apps available everywhere listeners go and enables them to connect however they want. This feature will be available to all stations with paid Plus and Pro plans.

“It is great to see more Apple CarPlay enabled apps that allow you to access local radio stations from around the world.” Anthony Barker from CarPlay Life –

“Android Auto was designed with safety in mind. With a simple and intuitive interface, integrated steering wheel controls, and powerful new voice actions, it’s designed to minimize distraction so you can stay focused on the road.” Android Auto


Announcing Compatibility with Android Auto – Apple CarPlay- Chromecast

New Android version update

New version of the Premium app for Android is almost ready including:

  • Playlists will have an action bar (when tapping on the album cover), with 3 actions
    • Video – this will play the video of the song
    • Share – this will share the song
    • buy URL – will send to itunes to purchase this soung
  • Favorites will have the same actions, so once a user has Liked a song, and it’s added to the Favorites they can then see a video of the song, share it, or buy it
  • Video page will use an embedded YouTube player and not via webview. This is a much nicer and smoother user experience.
  • When playing an item in On Demand, users will be able to skip backward and forward between items in the list. And On Demand will support autostart of new items when current track is finished.
  • Video page will support playlist as well as individual videos. Once a playlist is selected, the user can go backward and forward in the playlist.
  • Added support will be coming for SoundCloud playlist
  • Added exit function to the menu (Android only)
  • Push notification will automatically trigger when a new YouTube clip is updated in the connected account.

All features will soon follow for iOS as well.

New Android version update

Updates to Premium apps

Today we updated both iOS and Android versions and will begin to push these new updates to the stores.
The iOS version is 4.1.10
The Android version is 4.0.9
The main features
  •  search bar when in any of the shows / video pages
  •  embedded YouTube player, which supports playlists
  •  Contact Us menu with abilty to show one or all of phone, email, twitter
  •  Playlist and Favourites have an action bar to watch a video of the song
  •  displays SoundCloud or YouTube playlist summary text
The new Android have specific stability issues that were fixed: including stopping stream playback when the app is closed by various means; automatically attempts reconnecting to stream after dropped.
Updates to Premium apps

RAIN Summit West 2016

Nobex Partners recently sponsored the RAIN West Summit in Las Vegas. We had a great time meeting some of our Partner stations in person and enjoying talks about the state of the industry and projections about where it’s going. You can learn more about the Summit here:

RAIN Summit West 2016

Updates and Features

We now have over 100 apps live on the Premium app!

Congratulations to all the stations that are hitting that exciting streaming benchmark. For those of you who don’t know – when your station streams over 1,000 hours in a month through the app, your app automatically qualifies to be upgraded to Premium.

So what’s the big deal with Premium?

Well, let’s walk through some of the cool features that you get when your app goes Premium. You might already be familiar with the features in the app, so we’re going to focus on the changes  in the Partner Dashboard.

  1. Custom Tiles: These are a great way to keep your app looking fresh and constantly updated. The Custom Tiles make up the lower portion of the new home screen. These tiles automatically draw content from your connected Content Accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Podcast, and more.

    You can also create tiles that link to URLs that you provide. So, link to your station schedule, request page, DJ profiles, another station you are partnered with, contest pages – options are limitless. What’s great about the tiles is that you can create them and change the order any time. Just update and save – Presto! The app updates itself on the fly and your content stays fresh.

    Here’s a quick walk through of how to add your Content Accounts
    And one for customizing your Home Page


  2. Push Notifications: Instantly send a message to all users on the app. It’s a great way to remind listeners who aren’t currently connected that your afternoon show is about to start, or that you’re dropping a new track and they should tune in!
    Screenshot 2016-03-30 13.28.34.png
    And when a listener “Likes” a playlist item in the app, it’s added to their Favorites. The app with automatically send them a push notification when any items from their Favorites list are playing again. This is a great re-engagement tool and keeps listeners coming back to the app.
  3. Premium Reports: It’s great knowing how many users have downloaded your app, and really handy to see how many minutes you’re streaming. But with Premium reporting you’re going to see what your listeners are loving about your playlist – and what they’re not.
    The apps gather data about how each listener interacts with it. Premium reports aggregate that data and create custom charts for your station showing Top Songs (most listeners tuned in), Top Songs Engaged (listeners turned up the volume, stayed longer, brought the app to the front, shared socially), and Turn Off Songs (these are losing listeners for you). Keep your playlist fresh and engaging for your listeners by getting real time feedback from the app.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    When you want even more detail check in with the Playlist Performance reports. Each track gets a score how many listeners were engaged, how much it was interacted with, how many listeners switched off.


    Each dot in the Engagement chart is a song played in the last 30 days, ranked by how many plays it got and how engaging it was for your listeners. In the Detailed view there is a bubble for each time the song was played, the size of the bubble indicates the number of listeners during that play, the X axis is the date, the Y axis is the Engagement Score – hint, you want your bubbles to be big and floating to the top!


So those are the Top 3 awesome changes that come with Nobex Partners Premium. Your station automatically qualifies for an upgrade to Premium when you stream 1,000+ hours in a month – but if you’re ready for Premium now you can subscribe for $90/m until you reach the streaming benchmark.

Check out your station’s Account Tab for details on Premium Subscriptions.

Kudos from stations already enjoying Premium:

Stefan, Hot Dance Radio: Hi! App looks beautiful!
Carlos, Rádio MPB: Adorei esse novo aplicativo.
Mark, Wehoudenhethiphop: The new app is awesome
Andy, SkaSpot Radio: I like the new feature with the feeds showing up on the player page. Since I tweet and FB the tracks that are being played, this is very helpful.
Ernesto, DRIVE Radio: I’m very happy, and our listeners too, so I think the new dashboard it’s very great and ergonomic, thanks for your work!
Haydon, Radio Sidewinder: Yes really liking the new app and new dashboard. Thanks.
Dodi, Radio Ranah Minang: Only one word perfecto

Updates and Features

Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome to 2016!!

We have some exciting news to share with all our Nobex Partners.​

Brand New Premium App 

The developers at Nobex Partners have been hard at work creating a complete overhaul on the Nobex Partners mobile app for iOS and Android devices and it’s HERE!!

Completely re-imagined, this version of the app allows for a fully customizable home screen with actively updating tiles that will display a wide range of connected social feeds and custom links. Listeners can “Like” songs and the app will automagically notify them when you play one of their favorites is playing and lots more.

We will begin updating all Premium level stations in the stores starting today.


IMPORTANT Changes to Partner Levels

We’re shaking things up in the Partner Levels, too! We want to be able to offer the updated app version to as many stations as possible. So we’re merging the Partner and Premium levels, making all stations who stream over 1,000 total listening hours per month new Premium level stations.

NEW Partner: up to 1,000 total listening hours per month

  • Free application published to all available platforms
  • On Demand content
  • 1 month start-up support (begins once your app is live in the stores)
  • Unlimited access to the Knowledge Base
  • My Ads local advertising feature

NEW Premium: more than 1,000 TLH per month

  • All Partner features
  • New Premium Nobex Partners app
  • Premium Business Intelligence including reports on playlist performance based on listener interaction
  • Push Notification in-app
  • Interactive Support


~ The Nobex Team

Happy New Year 2016!