Website Improvements

If you logged in this morning you probably noticed a bunch of great updates to the Nobex Partners Dashboard. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • We improved the flow of building a new app, in particular adding a station to the database if your station didn’t turn up in the search. Also, a new build now returns you directly to the dashboard so you’re ready to customize things even more.
  • We’re introducing the new Alerts widget on the Dashboard home page to make sure you can see every important notice from our team. For example, if we review an app you’re submitting and are requesting changes, you’ll see them listed here.
  • We’ve streamlined the Push Service tab to make it easier to send messages the way you want.

Keep an eye on things over the next while, we’ve got even more great stuff coming! And please share your feedback! We’d love to know what you think.



Website Improvements

Announcing ToastAudio

We’re always looking for ways to spice things up and keep life interesting on your Dashboard in Nobex Partners – and we’ve got something new to show off!

Meet ToastAudio!

We’ve launched an awesome new service to distribute music from independent artists right to you in your Partner Dashboard. You’ll be able to view submissions from artists around the globe and tailor what you see based on language and genre. Learn more about the artist, contact them for an interview, play their new music, all from your Nobex Partners Dashboard.

Check it out here

View all submitted tracks, filter by tags and genres, bookmark your favorites, request to play
Check out artists profiles to see all their tracks and learn more about them

Now you can keep your playlist fresh with the newest music all the time. Have fun with ToastAudio and Nobex Partners!

Oh, and if you know an artist who wants to submit their work, send them along to get started:


Announcing ToastAudio