Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome to 2016!!

We have some exciting news to share with all our Nobex Partners.​

Brand New Premium App 

The developers at Nobex Partners have been hard at work creating a complete overhaul on the Nobex Partners mobile app for iOS and Android devices and it’s HERE!!

Completely re-imagined, this version of the app allows for a fully customizable home screen with actively updating tiles that will display a wide range of connected social feeds and custom links. Listeners can “Like” songs and the app will automagically notify them when you play one of their favorites is playing and lots more.

We will begin updating all Premium level stations in the stores starting today.


IMPORTANT Changes to Partner Levels

We’re shaking things up in the Partner Levels, too! We want to be able to offer the updated app version to as many stations as possible. So we’re merging the Partner and Premium levels, making all stations who stream over 1,000 total listening hours per month new Premium level stations.

NEW Partner: up to 1,000 total listening hours per month

  • Free application published to all available platforms
  • On Demand content
  • 1 month start-up support (begins once your app is live in the stores)
  • Unlimited access to the Knowledge Base
  • My Ads local advertising feature

NEW Premium: more than 1,000 TLH per month

  • All Partner features
  • New Premium Nobex Partners app
  • Premium Business Intelligence including reports on playlist performance based on listener interaction
  • Push Notification in-app
  • Interactive Support


~ The Nobex Team

Happy New Year 2016!

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